Attorney at Law Masami Oishi

Attorney at Law   Masami Oishi


・Main Resident Office
Osaka Office
Dubai Office
・Supported Language
 Japanese, English, Arabic

Education and Experience

Mar. 1990            Graduated from Kobe UniversityLL.B.)
Apr. 1990            Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mar. 2005            Resigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mar. 2008            Graduated from Osaka University Law School
Dec. 2010            Registered as an Attorney at Law at Osaka Bar Association
Oct. 2022            Joined Progress Law Firm as an Attorney at Law


From 2021 to the present Vice chairperson of International Committee of Osaka Bar Association
From 2022 to the present Outside auditor of Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

Main areas of expertise

- Corporate legal affairs including compliance, anti-trust law and trade control, etc.
- International cases including preparation of agreements in English and Arabic, international inheritance, and international marriage, etc.
- General civil cases
- Bankruptcy cases including bankruptcy administrator
- Domestic cases
- Outside auditor from 2022 to the present