Attorney at Law・Patent Attorney Takahisa Nagata

Attorney at Law・Patent Attorney   Takahisa Nagata


・Main Resident Office
Osaka Office

Thai Office

Japan Osaka
・Supported Language
 Japanese, English
Education and Experience

Mar. 2004 Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology,
      Faculty of Engineering and Design,
      Department of Chemistry and Materials Technology.
Apr. 2006  Registered as a Patent Attorney.
      Joined Nagata International Patent Firm as a joint partners
Mar. 2009 Graduated from Osaka City University Law School 
Oct. 2009  Cancellation of registration as a patent attorney
      during Judicial Apprenticeship Training program
Dec. 2010 Registerd as an Attorney at Law at Osaka Bar Association.
      Joined Progress Law Firm as an Attorney at Law 
Apr. 2011 Reregistered as a Patent Attorney
Dec. 2015 Appointed a partner attorney at Progress Law Firm
Feb. 2016 Established TNY Lrgal Co., Ltd.(Thailand)
Sep. 2017 Established TNY Consulting (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.(Kuala Lumpur)
Sep. 2018 Established TNY Progress Law Firm (Osaka)
Jan. 2019 Established TNY Progress Law Firm Tokyo Office
May 2019 Established TNY LEGAL MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.(Mexico City)
Oct. 2019 Established TNY LEGAL Estonia OU(Tallinn)
Dec. 2019 Established GVA TNY Consulting Philippines, Inc.(Manila)
Apr. 2020 Established TNY Legal Bangladesh Limited (Dhaka)
Mar. 2021 Established KAGAYAKI TNY LEGAL (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (HoChi Minh)
Jul. 2022 Established TNY CONSULTING(UK)LTD (London)
Aug. 2023 Established TNY Services (India) Private Limited (Gurugram)
Dec. 2023 Established PT TNY CONSULTING INDONESIA (Jakarta)

Writings and Treatises

Japanese Law
Oct. 2012            “The Latest Judicial Precedents and Practices on Trademark Rights”,
         Minjiho Kenkyukai, joint authorship
Dec. 2013            “Patent Law from the View of Case Studies”,
         Hogaku Shoin, joint authorship
Aug. 2016            “The Latest Judicial Precedents and Practices on Unfair Competition
         (3rd ed.)”, edited by Osaka Bar Association Yushinkai,
         joint authorship (precedents commentary)
Apr. 2013            “Copyright Issues in Contemporary Society (Part 12)”,
         Chizai Prism 11-127, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mar. 2015            “Analysis of Judgment for Revocation of Patent Trial Decision - Practice of
         the Intellectual Property High Court from the View of Case Studies -
         Supplementary volume of NBL, No. 148”, published in March 2015,
         Intellectual Property Law Practice Study Group of Osaka Bar Association,
         Shojihomu, joint authorship
May 2015            “Criteria for Misidentification in Quality Labeling”, Chizai Kanri,
         May 2015, Japan Intellectual Property Association, joint authorship
Sep. 2016             “Q&A Trademark, Design and Unfair Competition Prevention Act”,
                            Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, joint authorship
Thai Law
Oct. 2016 - May 2017        Labor Law Consultations”,
             The Daily NNA, Every other Tuesdays
Apr. 2017 – Present           “Weekly Report, ASEAN Economic News, Points of Attention in
             Thai Legal System”, Finance Facsimile Newspaper, Once a month
Oct. 2017 – Present           “Practices of Business Expansion into Thailand”,
                                        The Daily NNA Thailand, Every other Tuesdays
Aug. 2018 – Present           “Lecture on Intellectual Property Law in Thailand”,
             MUFG Biz Buddy, Once every two months
Malaysian Law
Jan. 2022                           Malaysian Legal Affairs” (Minjiho Kenkyukai), joint authorship
Nov. 2017 – Jan. 2018        “Business Legal Affairs in Malaysia”, Shukan Jeispo
Israeli Law
Dec. 2019 – Present           “Lecture on Business Law in Israel”
                                          MUFG Biz Buddy, Once every two months